About Us

About us

We are a leading manufactur and wholesale producer of bulbs and electrical components under own registered brand EMS Lamp.

Since 1992 are we operating on the international market and we count hundreds of satisfied and loyal customers - mainly in Europe and Asia. We are company with a simple vertical management structure and corporate governance, we use the latest technologies and applications and we involving  transnational outsourcing. We work consistently and accurately at all time. The most important point is for us our client. We place emphasis on quality of our products and services, but also on very good relations with our customers.

Our company specializes in the manufacture and sale of high quality energy saving and LED bulbs which are very powerfull and producing maximum of light, but on the other hand are energy saving.

The philosophy of our production is to satisfied needs of the most demanding clients, and therefore are we producing common types of energy saving lamps, as well as special types.


Price of our products

Since 2005 is our production situated in Free Economics zone in China. Therefore we face relatively low taxes and advantaged production costs.

In addition to that are we trying to promote modern corporate management and minimize the volume of corporate´s bureaucracy and this system has obviously also a very positive affect of the final price of our products. So we are able to keep the prices of our products in customer-friendly relations. The price and quality of the product corresponds to the choice of mass consumption of the average consumer in Europe.



Ecology is for our corporate philosophy very important chapter. In the year 2009 we entered into a collective system Ekolamp. This nonprofit organization helps companies and distributors of electrical equipment to ensure a the environment-friendly clearance of used bulbs and other products.

Environmental protection means for us not just a phenomenon of our time, we consider such behaviour like our civil duty.



Our scope

Production and distribution of our products works under a holding company called EMS Lamp Group, which is based in Prague. Our scope includes next to Czech Republic as well other countries such as Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Slovakia, China, Belarus, Ukraine and others.  We operate on international market more than 20 years and all this years are we having satisfied and loyal clientele. Among our customers are, for example oil companies such as Rosneft, Lukoil Overseas AG, Tatneft, Russia's central bank, Aeroflot, Progress, Borets, Kompressor and many others.




ABOUT Dinter Trading company

Dinter Trading is a specialized company of trade and production of electrical and lighting equipment for the European market.

History of company dates back to 1992. Back there was established its parent company Electro Marketing Service in Russia. Since 2000 is the headquather of company Dinter Trading, Ltd. in Prague.

We are members of a Holding Lamp EMS, which operates mainly in European countries, but also in Russia and China, etc.

Our corporate philosophy includes a friendly and pro-client business behaviour, premium quality products, fair prices, promt production and delivery to our customers. Of course is for us very important keep respect for environment of our planet.

For many years we count hundreds of satisfied customers who are coming back to us. We deeply appreciate it. Their satisfaction is our alpha and omega. We appreciate the trust of our customers and that´s why we place the greatest emphasis on meeting their needs in providing modern, efficient and long-lasting light sources for a fair prices.

We are running our business modern, fast and transparent, using new trends and innovations, the portfolio of our product is continuously expanding. At the momment we strongly prefer production of modern products only from economic series.

The organizational structure of our company is simple. We are trying to promote modern corporate management and minimize the volume of company´s bureaucracy. This system has a very positive affect to the final price of our products and we are able to keep the prices of an user-friendly level.  We work in a team of experts and professionals. In our company there is a friendly and pleasant atmosphere, which is also perceived and appreciated by our clients.

We are pleased that we can offer our products, which are high in quality and low on price. We are looking forward to „work“ for you.

Have a nice day…


About EMS bulbs

The Label EMS was established in 2004 and since its inception was focused on the production, sale and distribution of low-energy light bulbs. This idea was basically a response to the constantly rising prices for electricity.

For production of our products we´ve chosen a manufacturing area in China's special economic zone.

In the production of these lamps being used advanced technology called SMD design (Smart montage technologists), which were originally used in the assembly of components on the motherboard.

Quality components from companies Samsung or Rubicon provided to EMS bulbs up to 10,000 of luminosity hours.  Since 2006 we started to supply with these bulbs Czech Republic and since 2008 also Germany.

Since 2009 began a new phase in the development of our brand. EMS had received a contract from the National Russian Railways for the production and supply of bulbs for national trains and therefore the company expanded its portfolio with a range of LED bulbs. Within this project were energy-consuming halogen lamps completely replaced with LED bulbs.

In 2009 the European Union took a directive over, which prohibits the use of incandescent light bulbs. Which logically leaded to creation of new market for alternative sources of lighting.

New and modern composites increased bulb life to 45-50 thousand hours, which basically made from the exchange of lighting a profitable investment.

The varied color range (85-90% of sunlight), the possibility of continuous reduction of luminous flux (use of adjustable resistors), long bulb life, high mechanical strength and a wide range of operating temperatures (from -20С to + 60С) – in all this points is EMS simply  different.



HELPFUL (How to choose a bulb)

Before you decide to buy low-energy light bulbs, it is necessary to define for what purpose is it actually intended. For the living room is recommended to use warm white or daylight (2700-4000K). For public rooms, open rooms and building lighting is recommended to use the cold light spectrum (4000-6500K). This type of bulbs are also recommended for the assembly shop and sewing hall.


How to choose the correct bulb size?

When choosing, it is necessary to pay attention to the technical characteristics of luminaires, which is needed to replace. One of the smallest and highest-quality bulbs are products from EMS.

Since low-energy light bulbs are much more expensive than ordinary bulbs, it is obviously authoritative their price.

How to choose the type of bulb socket?

When replacing bulbs is necessary to determine the type of socket. Choosing the right type of slot lets you replace the bulb without the help of an electrician.

Basic types of sockets:

► Е27 (the most commonly used screw / socket base with a diameter of 27 mm);

► E14 (14 mm screw / socket base, widely used for lighting - Wall lighting fixtures, bathrooms, floor lamps);

► E40 (40 mm socket for industrial, efficient and economical type lamps EMS 5U 105W E40 6400K);

► GU10 modern slot Halogen LED bulbs used for the suspended ceiling and built-in illumination;

► G4 is the distance between the connector contacts 4mm creep for halogen lamps LED low power;

► GU 5.3 is similar to the G4 and is used for halogen lamps, reflector (MR16) and LED bulbs;

► The most common slot is the slot fluorescent tubes G13 with 13 mm distance between contacts. It is used for the most popular bulbs Narva LT18W, 36W, 58W. Currently, these lamps are successfully exchanged economical and safe LED lamps series EMS LED Line, which have a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours.



How to choose a bulb according to the output?

For help by proper enlightenment your rooms  we recommend using chart of a output of lamps of our web site.

Basic indicators for the selection of bulbs according to their power/output can be:

► When is planned to enlightand passable rooms or stairway, closet, basement, attic… is efficient use of incandescent light bulbs instead of 25-40 Wt low-energy light bulbs 7-9 Wt. However, it is more efficient to use EMS LED bulbs with power 3-5Wt.

► How to choose a lamp for illumination of residential rooms? For this purpose, the most common incandescent bulb would be 60-100Wt, but they are at the moment in the EU prohibited. Instead, we recommend using low-energy light bulbs of 11,15,20 Wt. Due to the small dimensions they can be used in existing fixtures and do not require the purchase of new fixtures. Long life light bulbs EMS allows offset the costs significantly and start to save money and energy . already in six months bulbs use EMS (exact amount of savings can calculate our calculator HERE). If you prefer LED bulbs use light bulbs of 7-9-12 Wt, which are more efficient and have a longer life. For any occasion, we used bulbs warm white light (color gamut 3000К 2700-), which are always available in the warehouse of our warehouse in Prague.

► How to choose a bulb when planning an enlightenment of low-ceilinged room (bathrooms, rooms with a ceiling of plasterboard and kitchen enlightenment)? Use instead of halogen bulbs 20,35,50Wt bulbs ЕМS SPOT 3,5,7 Wt with GU10 base. Bulbs intended for frequent switching on and off having 30 times greater durability and 7 times higher saving electricity. These lamps are the ideal solution for your modern apartments.

► How to choose a bulb for office? It is necessary to choose the bulb according to the types of lamps and ceiling height. Use low-energy light bulbs of 13,18 or 26 Wt with G24 socket or bulbs with 20 WT 23.35 with socket Е27.

► How to choose the bulb for illumination dotted jobs (hairdresser, assembly hall)? Use LED bulbs EMS SPOT 5Wt with the performance and durability, with GU10 or choose from our range of brightly colored 6400К or EMS LED SPOT 9Wt with E27. This type of light bulbs can also be used eg. to illuminate the aquarium instead of expensive special bulbs.





We have prepared for you several option of payment, from which you can choose the ideal one.

Bank transfer

EFT is the most comfortable payment method. You just need to pay your  goods and it will be asap delivered to you.  

Account no .: 274458078/0300

IBAN: CZ98 0300 0000 0002 7445 8078



PayPal payment

If you have an account with PayPal, you can quickly and easily use for payment for your goods this method.


Credit card

In our e-shop you can pay with any credit card. We will see this payment immediately and we will send you the goods the same day upon receipt of payment. We ship weekdays only.




Complaints and reclamations for us is basically a foreign word ... Because for u sis very important to send you goods in the best condition, we actually almost not encount with complaints.

If there were still a situation where it is necessary to send your goods for any reason back to us, we will of course pay back your money or replace this goods for new one.

In case of any complaint we tackle this problem individually. Please be noted that the execution of any problem, it is necessary to transport goods back to our shop.

Your complaint will be filled as soon as possible about the whole issue and we will keep you informed.



Collaborate and make money with EMS

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Our partnership program can give you very interesting earnings.

We are pleased that we can offer the possibility of cooperation.

We offer the following system of rewards and bonuses:

► Discount rates from our online store to 20%

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