Terms & Conditions

General policy

By placing an order the buyer accepts the terms of trade for the supply of goods.

Relations between the buyer and the seller are subject to these terms and conditions, which are binding for both parties unless, it is otherwise expressly stated, in the agreed contract.

The conditions, the rights and obligations of the company Dinter Trading Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as seller) and the customer (hereinafter referred to as the buyer).

The current version consists of the content of the purchase agreement (the supply of goods) and it‘s integral part.

The seller undertakes to supply the ordered goods to the buyer under the conditions in these terms, (hereinafter referred to as conditions) and the buyer agrees to take the ordered goods and pay the purchase price to the seller.


Object of the contract

The subject of the agreement is only for items explicitly stated in the purchase order contract (hereinafter goods). The weights, dimensions and other data contained in catalogues, brochures and other printed materials are non-binding information unless, explicitly stated as binding in the contract.


The seller undertakes to supply its customers:

Perfect goods as customary in accordance with the specifications or features, for the type of goods in compliance with standards, rules and regulations within The Czech Republic.

Warranty Certificates and lists of post-warranty repairs will be noted for particular products.


Placing an Order?

Fulfillment is the time when the order is placed. Date taxable payment is consistent with the receipt of goods by the purchaser.

Electronic orders are filling out the prescribed information and requirements. This order is a draft purchase agreement. The purchase agreement may require formal confirmation by the seller and, final agreement with the buyer to confirm the contract, before the actual delivery of goods.


Depending on the type of trade (quantity of goods, prices, transport costs, distance, etc)

The seller is entitled to ask the buyer to approve the order in an appropriate manner, such as by telephone, e -mail or writing. If the buyer refuses to authorize the order in the required manner, the order will be considered invalid.



Customers wanting to use our e-shop for the re-selling of goods, please contact us to discuss possible discounts that may be available, we would need Business details, including ID and VAT to register you and, set up passwords for ordering at an agreed pricing structure.

Regarding the Law on waste recycling, the e-shop price does not include these fees but, there is information for recycling costs, included on the Invoice.



The payment of the goods supplied

Cash on delivery (COD)

The most common method of payment, if the ordered goods are paid on receipt. We always have the necessary quantities, which accelerate the delivery of the shipment.


Electronic Funds Transfer

If you want to pay by a Bank transfer payment, you will receive a Pro forma Invoice. The goods will be delivered only after payment of the full due amount to the Dinter Trading Ltd Bank account.


For the companies in which we have long-term business relations, we allow up to 30 days payment, for the invoiced due amount.


For business with new companies, we make the first deliveries of parcels sent, on a cash on delivery basis only. After a long-term business relationship we change to payment by Bank transfer with a maturity of 30 days to then be established.

If payments by the due date on billed Invoices are delayed, we will be forced to go back to go payment on delivery until full payment of the debt iis paid.



Due to ever increasing transport costs, we were forced to introduce postage payment for deliveries of goods with the invoice value from €149 excluding VAT.

In this case, we calculate carriage for goods on the Invoice at €4,90 including VAT.


Cancellation of the order by the seller

The seller reserves the right to cancel the order, or a part of, in the following cases:

Newly manufactured goods with significantly changed prices to supplier, the customer would be asked if they accept the price changes, before delivery is confirmed.

In the event that this happens, we would immediately contact the buyer regarding the next steps of the sale. In the event that the purchaser has paid a portion or, the entire amount of the purchase price, this amount will be returned in a manner in which both parties agree.

The seller also has the right to cancel an order if the customer submits incorrect or incomplete contact details.


Protection of personal data

E-shop Dinter Trading Ltd. agrees that all customer data is of a highly personal nature.

All personal information receives from its customers will be used exclusively for its own needs in connection with the delivery of goods. At no time will data be shared with any third party.

 By concluding the purchase contract the buyer gives consent to the processing of their personal data. This data will be archived securely indefinitely.

If the seller is no longer used for its range of trade and services, the buyer has the right, in writing, to revoke the consent to the use of their personal data for this purpose.


Final provisions

Electronic orders are sent on the day of the agreement between both parties and confirmed in writing.

The buyer accepts all terms and conditions in force at the time and date of sending through an electronic order.  The price of the ordered goods can be found in the price list on the website (including any transport costs), unless clearly stated in any particular case. 

Once a telephone, e-mail or fax confirmation (draft contract) is made by the purchaser and is formally agreed, the deadline is set for the delivery of goods and is irrevocably bound unless, conditions expressly stated otherwise, and governed by respective rights and obligations.

Full conditions can be found on the Dinter Trading Company Ltd.website



Dinter Trading Company Ltd. agrees that all personal data given will not be provided to a third party, used for commercial gain or in any way or form be sold.



Returns Policy

Complaints are a foreign word for us.

We try really hard to get your goods to you in the best possible condition however, occasionally there may be a cause for complaint, and we will resolve any problem individually, in a professional and timely manner.

If a situation should arise in which it will be necessary to exchange the goods for any reason, we will review the situation and certainly look to replace your goods.

Please note that in this case, you must send the defective goods back to us.

Your complaint will then be clarified and, as soon as possible you will be sent new goods.

Please contact us for all necessary information.